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Mirage Window Smoke


The Mirage Window smoke is your go-to move when you want to make life a bit trickier for those pesky CT players peeking out from the middle window. Tossing this smoke from T spawn is like saying, “No more mid control for you!” It’s a fantastic way to create openings for your team, making it safer to navigate through mid and opening up opportunities for clever strategies.

Now, for the fun part! Stand in T spawn, get ready to showcase your arm, and throw that smoke just as showed in the video above.

Consistent Execution: Practice makes perfect, right? Spend some time in offline or community servers, perfecting that lineup. Once you’ve got it down, you’ll be the mid control maestro.

In-Game Reference: Make that lineup your BFF. Memorize it so well that you won’t need to fumble with our Mirage STEAM guide during a match. Quick, smooth, and efficient – that’s the goal.

Communication: Let your teammates in on the plan. A quick heads-up about the Window smoke ensures everyone’s on the same page, ready to take advantage of the newfound mid control.

Mid Control Strategies: Think of the Window smoke as your key to the kingdom. Use it to pull off mid control strategies and surprise those CTs. With the window threat gone, you dictate the pace of the round.

The Mirage Window smoke from T spawn is like your secret weapon for taking control of mid. It’s not just effective; it’s your ticket to clever strategies and safer passages. Practice it, love it, and let it be a game-changer for your T side adventures on Mirage!