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Mirage A Ramp Smoke From CT


We’re about to drop some knowledge on the easiest way to shut down those pesky A ramp pushes right from the comfort of CT spawn! In this video guide, we’re spilling the beans on a smoke that’s so forgiving, it practically does the work for you.

Picture this: You’re holding from the CT spawn area or chilling near ticket, and you spot those T’s eyeing the A ramp like it’s a Black Friday sale. Fear not, because we’ve got the ultimate smoke that’s your early-round insurance policy.

No need to break a sweat with pixel-perfect precision here. We’ve got a handy little dot on the box that you’ll aim for, and trust us, it’s forgiving enough that you won’t need a surgeon’s precision to nail it. This smoke covers the entirety of the ramp area, giving those eager T’s a one-way ticket to confusion town.

The best part? You’ll have this smoke sailing through the air before the T’s even lace up their running shoes. It’s the ultimate preemptive strike, and you’ll be comfortably sipping your virtual coffee in CT spawn while they wonder where their grand entrance went wrong.

So, join us in this smoke symphony, where precision meets simplicity. Wave goodbye to those A ramp rushes, and say hello to a more controlled and strategic beginning to your Mirage rounds. Let’s dive in and give those T’s a lesson in Mirage manners!