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Mirage Deep B apartments smoke


We’re spilling the secrets of the quickest and easiest way to smoke those B apartments right from the heart of the B site. This is your ticket to getting a head start in the round, and trust us, it’s a game-changer.

Picture this: You’re holding down B site, eyeing those apartments like a hawk. With a lineup that’s as forgiving as it is effective, stand on the trusty trashcan, aim at the corner of the tarp on top of B site, and watch as your smoke gracefully dances its way into the B apartments.

This isn’t just about obscuring vision; it’s a strategic move that gives you and your team the upper hand right from the get-go. The simplicity of the lineup ensures that you can pull off this smoke without breaking a sweat, and it’s forgiving enough that even in the heat of the moment, you’ll nail it every time.

So, join us as we break down the art of the B site to B apartments smoke. It’s not just a smoke; it’s your secret weapon for seizing control early in the round. Let’s elevate your Mirage game and give you the edge you need. Stand tall on that trashcan and let’s dive into the tactics – your opponents won’t know what hit them!