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Mirage Right Pillar Smoke


Ready to spice up your Mirage game? Well, get ready to add a dash of mystery with the B apps right pillar smoke. This bad boy, when paired up with its buddy, the left pillar smoke, is practically the Batman and Robin of Mirage executes.

Picture this: You’re standing in B apps, plotting your takeover. You unleash the right pillar smoke, and suddenly, it’s like a magic show for your enemies. Short players? They’re blind as bats. CTs trying to rotate in from short? They might as well be wearing blindfolds.

This smoke isn’t just a flashy accessory; it’s a game-changer. It’s the missing puzzle piece that turns your B site execute into a well-orchestrated masterpiece. Without it, it’s like trying to make a sandwich without the bread – just not right.

So, my tactical friends, embrace the right pillar smoke. Make it your partner in crime on Mirage, and watch as your enemies fumble in the dark, wondering where the heck you came from. It’s not just a smoke; it’s your ticket to B site stardom. Let’s get those rounds, and remember, the right pillar smoke is your new best friend.