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Mirage B site Smoke


Let’s spice up your Mirage game with a smoke that’s not just a tool; it’s your ticket to chaos on B site. Here’s the scene: you’re lounging in B Apartments, smoke ready, about to launch a tactical haze that sets the stage for a flawless B site takeover. It’s not just a smoke; it’s the opening act for a B site extravaganza.

Think of this smoke as your strategic brushstroke. A swift throw from B Apartments, and presto! You’re crafting a visual masterpiece that blindsides CT defenders, creating the perfect canvas for your team’s advance. It’s like orchestrating a symphony of confusion in the heart of Mirage.

What makes it a game-changer? It’s the fluidity, the precision. Envision yourself executing the lineup effortlessly – a seamless flick that transforms the battleground. Want a step-by-step tutorial? Dive into the video guide above for a visual journey into the brilliance of this tactical stroke.

Now, sync up this B Site smoke with your team’s rhythm. Blend it with a Short smoke and a Kitchen window smoke for a cacophony of coordinated mayhem. Effective communication is your backstage pass, ensuring your opponents are left dazed by the synchronized assault.

In a nutshell, the Mirage B Apartments to B Site Smoke isn’t just a smoke; it’s your grand entrance to B site supremacy. Perfect the lineup, harmonize with your team, and let this smoke be the crescendo to your victories on Mirage!