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Mirage CT Smoke from Jungle


We’re unveiling a hidden gem in the playbook – the Jungle smoke that’s your secret weapon for retaking control of CT and ticket. It’s not an everyday smoke, but when you whip it out in the right moment, consider the round practically won. This is the kind of party trick your teammates will love when they witness the magic of a perfectly executed retake.

Picture this scenario: You’re lurking in Jungle, the bomb is ticking away, and the Ts are holding their ground in both CT and ticket like they own the place. It’s your time to shine. With a lineup so swift and easy, you’ll blanket both CT and ticket, turning the tables in your favor.

This smoke isn’t just a tactical move; it’s a round-winning maneuver. When the stakes are high and victory seems elusive, this Jungle smoke will be your ace in the hole. Your teammates will be left in awe as you turn a dire situation into a triumphant retake.

So, join us as we add a touch of flair to your Mirage retake strategy. This smoke may not be an everyday necessity, but when the moment is right, and you choose to unleash it, it’s a game-changer. It’s time to surprise your foes, impress your teammates, and turn those nail-biting rounds into victories. Let’s get that Jungle magic rolling!