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Mirage Top Mid Smoke


Ever felt the need for a game-changing move in Mirage to seize mid control? Look no further than the Mirage Top Mid smoke from T Spawn. This maneuver isn’t just a smoke; it’s your key to navigating mid unseen and outsmarting your opponents.

Tossing this smoke is like setting the stage for your mid dominance. Picture this: you’re in T Spawn, gearing up for some mid action. Take a deep breath, line up that smoke, and let it fly. With a swift throw, you’re making your way to the boxes, avoiding prying eyes from Connector, Short, and Window.

Perfect the lineup during your downtime. Whether you’re in an offline server or a quiet moment in a match, make this smoke your trusty companion for smooth mid control. For an even smoother learning experience, check out our STEAM guide for Mirage and add it to your favourites. Shift-tab during your game, and let the video guide be your in-game mentor for mastering the T Spawn to Top Mid smoke.

The T Spawn to Top Mid smoke is your jack-of-all-trades. Use it for various scenarios, turning every mid play into a well-crafted masterpiece. Keep your team in the loop about your mid plans. Communicate when you’re deploying the T Spawn to Top Mid smoke so they can synchronize their movements and capitalize on the chaos it introduces to the CTs.

In summary, the Mirage Top Mid smoke from T Spawn is your ticket to mid control mastery, a tool for seamless movement to the boxes while outsmarting your opponents in Connector, Short, and Window. Practice it, make it a part of your mid playbook, and let it be the secret weapon that propels you to victory on Mirage!