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Mirage CT Smoke


Mirage is one of the most played maps in CS2 and knowing the smokes for this map is essential. The Mirage CT smoke thrown from T spawn is one of the most basic but also important nades of the game. It removes the visibility from any CT player holding A site and ramp from CT spawn or the ticket booth. The smoke leaves no gaps or holes for the CT players holding that area.

Here are a few reasons why smoking CT spawn on Mirage can be effective:

  1. Blocking Line of Sight: Smoking CT spawn obstructs the vision of CT-players playing from that position. This can be particularly useful when executing a split A or B strategy, as it allows the T’s side to focus on other areas of the site without worrying about immediate CT spawn threats.

  2. Isolating Players: By smoking CT spawn, you can isolate CT players who might be playing aggressively or holding specific angles. This can create opportunities for the T’s side to gain map control and pick off isolated opponents.

  3. Executing Strategies: Smoking CT spawn is often part of more extensive strategies or executions. For example, when executing an A-split, terrorists may use smokes to block off key positions, including CT spawn, allowing them to take control of the site with minimal resistance.

  4. Forcing Rotations: A well-timed smoke in CT spawn can force CT players to rotate through different paths, disrupting their established defensive positions and potentially creating vulnerabilities in the defense.

However, the effectiveness of smoking CT spawn depends on several factors, including the timing of the smoke, coordination with teammates, and the overall strategy being employed. It’s crucial for players to communicate and coordinate their actions to maximize the impact of the smoke and capitalize on the advantages it provides.

It’s important to note that strategies and meta in CS2 are dynamic, and the effectiveness of specific tactics can change over time as the game evolves and players develop new counter-strategies. Players should always adapt their tactics based on the current state of the game and the tendencies of their opponents.