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Mirage Jungle Smoke


The Mirage Jungle smoke plays a pivotal role in obstructing the line of sight for CT players positioned in the jungle and connector areas. By strategically deploying the smoke, players on the attacking side effectively block vision from CTs, preventing them from spotting movements towards the A bombsite. This tactical advantage enables the attacking side to execute A site strategies with reduced risk of detection and opposition from CTs positioned in jungle and connector.

To execute the Mirage Jungle smoke, players often position themselves near the A ramp or within the middle area. A reliable lineup, demonstrated in the provided video guide, showcases the easiest and most effective way to smoke Jungle on Mirage without leaving any gaps. The technique involves a jump throw, and no additional bind is required for execution.

Consistent Execution: Practice the lineup in offline or community servers to ensure a consistent and accurate deployment of the Jungle smoke during live matches. Utilizing the provided video guide can be especially helpful in refining the technique.

Add our STEAM guide to your favorites for quick in-game reference. This allows you to use Alt-Tab to access the guide while playing, ensuring you can implement the smoke lineup seamlessly during matches.

Communication: Effective communication within the attacking side remains crucial. Teammates should be informed about the Jungle smoke execution to coordinate movements and capitalize on the strategic advantage it provides.

Adaptability: Stay mindful of potential CT positions that may counter the Jungle smoke. Adapt strategies accordingly, and be ready to adjust tactics based on opponent reactions, ensuring flexibility in your approach.

The Mirage Jungle smoke is a strategic utility play that, when executed correctly, disrupts the vision of CT players in the jungle and connector areas, creating opportunities for the attacking side to execute A site strategies with heightened safety and effectiveness. Consistent practice, in-game reference utilization, effective communication, and adaptability to opponent reactions are key elements in maximizing the impact of the Mirage Jungle smoke in tactical gameplay.