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Mirage Left Pillar Smoke


Let’s add a stroke of brilliance to your Mirage B site playbook with a smoke that’s practically a must-have for any serious B site execute. Imagine you’re standing in B Apartments, armed with a smoke, ready to weave a strategic masterpiece that leaves Short players and CT defenders scratching their heads.

This isn’t just any smoke; it’s your magic wand to cloak the left pillar on B site. A swift throw, and you’re orchestrating a visual symphony that blocks Short players’ vision and gives CTs rotating in from Short a puzzle they weren’t expecting. Picture it as your way of saying, “This side of the map is ours now.”

Why is this smoke a game-changer? It’s the strategic dance you perform from B Apartments. With a quick flick, you create a barrier that disrupts the enemy’s sightlines, laying the groundwork for your team’s B site dominance. Think of it as your artistic contribution to the chaos of Mirage.

Now, here’s the pro tip: pair this Left Pillar smoke with its partner in crime, the Right Pillar smoke. Together, they form a dynamic duo that engulfs the B site in a haze of confusion. Check out the video guide above for a step-by-step tutorial on this tag team strategy.

In the grand scheme of a B site execute, the Mirage Left Pillar Smoke is your indispensable tool. Nail the lineup, coordinate with your squad, and watch as the left side of B site becomes your canvas for victory on Mirage!