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Mirage Short Smoke (from top mid)


Ready to up your game with a killer Mirage Short smoke from the comfort of Top Mid? This move is not just a smoke; it’s your ticket to controlling mid and surprising those CTs lurking in the shadows.

Imagine this: you’re perched in Top Mid, itching to make a play. With a swift toss of your smoke, you’re cutting off vision to Short, creating opportunities for your team and catching the CTs off guard.

Practice the lineup during downtime in offline or community servers, turning this smoke into your go-to for mid control. Picture-perfect execution is just a toss away, and you’ll be surprising opponents and gaining the upper hand in no time.

Coordinate with your team, let them know about your short smoke play, and watch as your mid control strategies unfold seamlessly. Communication is your ally, so make sure everyone’s on board.

In summary, the Mirage Short Smoke from Top Mid is your secret weapon for mid dominance. Perfect the lineup, coordinate with your team, and let the surprise factor be the game-changer in your Mirage endeavors!