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Mirage Full B Execute Smokes (from the same spot)


Ready to pull off a seamless B site execute on Mirage that’s not just effective but also lightning-fast? Grab two smokes from your teammates and meet me at this sweet spot. The video guide for this strategy can also be found on our STEAM guide for Mirage, giving you a visual walkthrough to complement the following instructions.

Standing at this position, you’re about to unleash chaos on the B site. With those two smokes, you can block off crucial lines of sight, making it easier for your team to storm the site and secure that bomb plant.

Follow the instructions provided in the video above or in our STEAM guide to nail the lineup. It’s super easy and super fast, making it a go-to move for a rapid B site take. The smokes dropped by your teammates at this precise spot will set the stage for a flawless execute.

Now, let’s talk strategy. Coordinate with your teammates, ensure everyone knows the plan, and synchronize your movements for a well-executed B site assault. Communication is key, so make sure everyone is on the same page.

The Mirage B Site Execute from this strategic spot is your ticket to a swift and effective take on the B bombsite. Grab those smokes, follow the instructions in our STEAM guide, coordinate with your team, and let the chaos unfold in your favor. Victory on Mirage awaits!