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Mirage Window Smoke (from top mid)


The Mirage Window smoke from Top Mid is your ace in the hole when you find yourself stuck behind those pesky boxes, unable to make a move. Tossing this smoke is like telling the CTs, “I’m coming for you, but you won’t see it coming!” It’s your ticket to breaking free, gaining control, and turning the tables on the defense.

Picture this: you’re stuck at the top mid boxes, and you need a way out. No worries! Take a step back, line up that smoke, and give it a toss. It’s not just a smoke; it’s your escape plan. With a simple throw, you’re turning the mid battlefield into your playground.

Quick Escape: Perfect this lineup in your downtime. Whether you’re practicing in an offline server or a quiet moment in a match, make this smoke your quick escape route from the top mid bottleneck.

Memorize it so well that you won’t need to fumble with our Mirage STEAM guide during a match. Quick, smooth, and efficient – that’s the goal.

Adaptability: The beauty of the Top Mid Window smoke is its adaptability. Learn to use it in various scenarios, turning a tight spot into an opportunity for map control.

Team Synergy: Communicate with your team about your smoke plays. Let them know when you’re deploying the Top Mid Window smoke so they can capitalize on the chaos it creates for the CTs.

Mid Control Mastery: Make this smoke your signature move for asserting dominance in mid. Once that window’s covered, you’re in control, dictating the rhythm of the round.

The Mirage Window smoke from Top Mid is your escape plan, your ticket to freedom when you’re cornered. Practice it, make it your own, and let it be the game-changer that turns those stuck-in-top-mid moments into opportunities for victory on Mirage!