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Mirage B Kitchen Window Smoke


Time to spice up your Mirage gameplay with a smoke that’s not just a utility; it’s your secret weapon for turning the tides on B site. Imagine this: you’re chilling in B Apartments, smoke in hand, and you’re about to drop a strategic bomb that messes with CT snipers in Window and gives A site defenders a headache with disrupted rotations.

This smoke is like your magician’s trick – a flick from B Apartments, and bam! The Window turns into a haze of confusion for CT snipers, and A site defenders are left scratching their heads during rotations. It’s not just a smoke; it’s a showstopper!

Why is it so awesome? Because it’s quick and precise. Picture yourself following the lineup effortlessly – it’s like choreographing a dance move that catches your opponents off guard. Need a step-by-step guide? Check out the video above for a visual feast of this tactical masterpiece.

Now, sync up this Window smoke with your squad. Let them in on the plan, and watch as chaos ensues. Effective communication is your best buddy here, making sure your opponents are left in disarray trying to figure out what hit them.

To wrap it up, the Mirage B Apartments to Window Smoke isn’t just a smoke; it’s your trusty sidekick for dominating B site. Nail the lineup, groove with your team, and let this smoke be the key to unlocking a dance of victories on Mirage!