[COUNTER STRIKE 2 UPDATE] Release Notes for 3/24/2023

A new update is out upon the latest limited beta version of Counter-Strike 2! Valve is acting quickly and taking in all the newly found bugs and issues. It was expected to experience a lot of bugs and that’s the whole point of the bata version. Valve wants the game to be as ready as can be before the official release coming this summer. Here’s what the update includes:

Release Notes for 3/24/2023

[ Ui ]
– Fixed common asserts.
– Removed Trade-Up contract UI for Limited Test.
– Fixed multiple items showing up in the inspect panel.

[ Audio ]
– Use correct audio device name when user picks “default” device.
– Added weapon drop sounds to minimap distance broadcast.
– Lowered volume of some dust2 ambience.
– Added some missing ui sounds.
– Lowered volume of flashbang ringing and volume ducking effect.
– Reduced stereo spread of grenade explosions.
– Fixed phasing with deathmatch kill bonus sound.

[ Game ]
– Fixed various game crashes.
– Smoke bullet holes are now fixed relative to the firstperson camera.
– Smoke grenades dropped in small crevices no longer detonate on the incorrect side of thin walls.
– Players can no longer pick up weapons while dead during a competitive match.
– Fixed dropping weapons during the team intro.
– Fixed +voicerecord getting stuck on when held during team intro and released after.
– Chat messages sent during end of match no longer show players as *DEAD* if they were dead at the end of the last round.
– Fixed handling game input keys such as +voicerecord while panorama has focus.
– Added netgraph.

[ Graphics ]
– Fixed flickering with MSAA.
– Fixed smoke cloud volume lighting.
– Fixed stencil issue on glass when MSAA is disabled.
– Updated various weapon finishes based on community feedback.

Considering that the game was released 24 hours prior to this update, Valve actually managed to fix an incredible amount of the big issues discovered.

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